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A Shameless Plea
This page of miscellany should be a treat for true Libby Seale aficionados! We hope to constantly add to this page, so check back for new items, especially around the publication time of a new Libby Seale book.

  • A Night at the Vaudeville
    This scene was cut from the second draft of Murder at the Portland Variety. In it, Libby sits in the audience and watches the performance a Crowther!s Variety. We loved the historical color it added to the book, and the taste it gave of theatrical offerings circa 1894, but ultimately, it slowed the action of the book, and had to be cut. Still, it works as as stand-alone set piece, and we hope you!ll enjoy reading it here.
  • Portland Blood: Prologue
  • Death at the Rose Paperworks: Chapter One
  • Murder at the Portland Variety: Chapter One
  • NEW!"The Wisdom of Amateurs" -- a short story featuring Libby Seale

Page last updated: August 13, 2007