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A Shameless Plea
Critics are raving about A Death at the Rose Paperworks!

"The [authors] masterfully mix mystery, action, romance and sciology together in this well-researched book. The Libby seale series is set in a time when such things as bicycles and typewriters were modern marvels, and Portland was starting to come into it's own as a true city. The Zellniks bring the city to life for readers with their detailed descriptions of its bars, restaurants, and communities. A Death at the Rose Paperworks is highly recommended... The second Libby Seale book will leave readers eagerly awaiting the third."
-- Neal Alhadeff, The Strand Magazine

"The book's strength is in its characters and evocation of a particular time. The Portland of this novel is far removed from the liberal, environmentally conscious image of Portland today. ... I am anxiously awaiting the third in the series."
-- Ellen Keith, Historical Novels Review

"This series effectively captures the vibrant atmosphere of a growing western city as the twentieth century dawns. The novel also raises issues that are as timely today as they were when Libby and Peter were investigating: immigration, fair labor practices, business corruption, and spousal abuse. This first-rate historical series deserves a wider audience."
-- Barbara Bibel, Booklist

"Zellnik's second look at life in turn-of-the-century Portland provides historical interest along with strong characters and a solid mystery."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"Libby is a fascinating study -- a contradictory mixture of modern thought and Victorian manners... Her internal conflicts are both thought-provoking and poignant."
-- Sue Reider, Mystery Scene Magazine

"Libby Seale is an enchanting combination of old fashioned propriety and modern day thinking. As she teams up with her love interest, Peter Eberle, to solve this mystery, the attraction between them adds a delicate touch of romance and desire... Readers will learn more about this time period as details are smoothly incorporated into the story. A Death at the Rose Paperworks is an historical mystery worth reading!"
--Joyce Handzo, In The Library

Praise for Murder at the Portland Variety...

"An impressive initial foray into the genre. Both research and the love of Portland are evident, as well as suspense and a dab of romance. M. J. Zellnik is a team to watch."
--Alan Paul Curtis, Who Dunnit

"In 1894, Portland, Oregon, was still a rambunctious frontier town, and vaudeville provided colorful entertainment. Libby Seale, a seamstress from New York, is working as a costumer at the Portland Variety Theater when Vera Carabella, a magician's assistant, turns up dead backstage. Her death may be connected with the disappearance of several other young women. Libby teams up with newspaper reporter Peter Eberle to investigate and is quickly immersed in a dangerous world of smugglers and white slavers, moving from Chinatown tunnels to the mansion of Portland's most powerful man. She and Peter also find themselves falling in love, but Libby has a few secrets in her closet. This debut novel by a brother-sister team introduces a charming pair of investigators, Libby's strength and courage playing nicely against Peter's endearing maverick streak. Look forward to further adventures in this promising historical series."
-- Barbara Bibel, Booklist (© American Library Association. All rights reserved)

"A solid mystery teeming with period detail. It will satisfy mystery and history fans." -- Salem Statesman Journal

"Zellnik deftly evokes both the menace and the veneer of respectability its prominent citizens desire, introducing those on the fringes and those in the spotlight. The mystery is well-crafted and propelled by the very human characters. Zellnik is the pen name of a brother-sister writing team, and I hope this is the first in a series."
-- Historical Novels Review